Season 1 Selects

Season 1 took us through a 13 episode journey. These are a few of our popular episodes from Season 1. Please click the following link to watch all of Season 1 on YouTube- LTW YouTube Chanel

Episode 3: "Pizza Hut Pt. 1"

Episode 4: "Pizza Hut Pt. 2"

Episode 6: House Warming

Episode 11: Spinning Dreams

Episode 13: The Search

Season 2 Prologue

The award winning series, Looking Through the Windows has returned! Not only do we have a promising new season in store, but we also have a new leading lady, Alison Wien! 

Episode 14: "Another 24"

Sam and Denise get through another work day without killing each other or escaping their responsibilities. 

Episode 15: "Xavier's Room"

Carmen puts her engagement with Xavier on ice, just in time for Irving and Milton to try to persuade him into being their third roommate in a new apartment. A familiar face from Xavier's past has returned to complicate matters. 

Episode 16: "Small World"

A familiar stranger has returned in Sam's life. Meanwhile, Xavier's love life is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The last thing he needs is advice from Jeremy. 

Episode 17: "Hoe Intervention"

Jeremy's PAWG syndrome is in full effect. His sister, Jennifer, calls upon the family for an intervention. 

Episode 18: "Neighborhood Meeting"

Sam is coerced by his next-door neighbor, Rebecca, to host a neighborhood meeting about an apparent rat invasion. 

Episode 19: "Hide & Seek"

Erica is having an emotional breakdown from dealing with her three kids. Denise tries to give her the courage to come out from under her bed.

Episode 20: "Buzz-Kill"

Denise's older sister and brother in-law, Erica & Mike, come over after a nice dinner to keep the party going. However, Erica struggles to stay in party mode with her "mommy anxiety". 

Episode 21: "The Unlikely Combo"

Irv and Milton are still without a 3rd roommate. Enters Jeremy. 

Episode 22: "Rhythm"

After officially killing any shot of making-up with Carmen, Xavier decides to make one last move on Claudia by joining her dance class. 

Episode 23: "Sister, Sister"

Denise's step-sister, Amy, makes a surprise visit giving Denise a much needed break from her reality. 

Episode 24: "Green Crack"

During another bull-shit ass day at "The Grille", Damion decides to join Vikki in giving the work day a little boost. 

Episode 25: "Kings"


When Sam invites the squad over everyone decides to partake in a drinking game called "Kings". The events that unfold are a mix of awkward and unexpected.